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Comprehensive Multi-Specialty Pain Relief Center

At South GA Spine, Joint & Rehab Center, we are more than just chiropractic care and spinal adjustments. We pride ourselves on being South Georgia’s leading treatment center for any of your non-surgical healthcare needs. From chiropractic care to interventional pain management and from physical therapy to massage therapy and wellness programs – we are your area’s experts on getting and keeping you well.

At South Georgia Spine, Joint & Rehab Center we take a team approach to providing our patients with the most advanced diagnostics and treatment options available. Learn more about our team approach to wellness and rehab in this video with Dr. Mike Waldrop, D.C.

Our state of the art approach to healthcare combines the unique talents of Medical Interventional Pain ManagementLicensed Physical Therapists, Chiropractic, Decompression Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Neurodiagnostics. We are here to here to improve the quality of your life. Learn more about our different treatment services below.


south ga spine - Dr. Mike Waldrop, D.C

Dr. Mike Waldrop, D.C

south ga spine - Dr. Heather Waldrop, D.C

Dr. Heather Waldrop, D.C

south ga spine - Dr. Tony Rowe, M.D

Dr. Tony Rowe, M.D

south ga spine - Dr. Travis Worthman, D.C

Dr. Travis Worthman, D.C


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